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Comprehensive Snow & Lawn Services in Edmonton

Wild Bear Snow + Lawn Care keeps residential and commercial clients covered with snow and lawn services in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We provide full service for snow removal, ice removal, lawn care, and landscaping. Our team will customize our services to meet your needs throughout the year, remaining professional and dependable always. Contact us for a quote today.

Our Services

Our team has the skills and equipment to complete your snow and lawn care needs, from removing and eliminating snow and ice during the frigid winters to carefully manicuring commercial and residential lawns during the summer. Our team prioritizes creativity and functionality with our lawn care services, crafting and designing lawns and properties to meet our clients’ desires. We possess heavy-duty equipment to remove snow and ice during and after winter storms, ensuring people can go about their daily lives in peace regardless of weather conditions. Contact us today to receive a quote after requesting one or all the following services.

Request a Quote Today

We take pride in offering services year-round that provide our clients with lush, cultivated lawns and safe streets and travel ways during the winter. Contact us for a quote, and we’ll assess your snow or lawn care needs and deliver the skills and equipment needed to attain them.

Contact Us for a Quote Today