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Residential & Commercial Landscaping in Edmonton and St. Albert

Wild Bear Snow + Lawn Care is here to fulfill your property’s full potential with residential and commercial landscaping in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Our seasoned craftspeople have transformed and elevated residential and commercial properties throughout the area, providing communities with rejuvenated aesthetics and lush lawns they’ll enjoy for years to come. Contact us today to request a free estimate.

beautifully landscaped backyard

Residential Landscaping

Your home is a place where you can drop the cares of work and responsibilities to truly relax and enjoy your life. An immaculate landscape provides the aesthetic, scent and oxygen to improve your health and well-being. Our team will elevate your outdoor space with comprehensive residential landscaping. Our services will give you hours of entertainment, stress relief and a newfound appreciation for your beautiful home.

water feature

Commercial Landscaping

Enlisting commercial property landscaping can do wonders for your business growth. Commercial landscaping sculpts and cultivates your property. With commercial landscaping, you’ll be sure to impress your most important clients, foster a positive and eye-pleasing work environment and boost your business’s curb appeal. Our team possesses the equipment, experience and dedication needed to complete your landscaping project for your complete satisfaction, and we perform routine maintenance to ensure commercial landscaping quality.

Landscaping Services

Contact us to learn more about the following services today:

Outdoor Living Spaces

When everyone’s at home simultaneously, a smaller space can become anything but peaceful. You could step outside for a bit but have no place to sit. And let’s face it, those plants have seen better days. There’s so much potential in your backyard. Imagine a personal Eden, where you could blend beautiful plants and various textures of rock and wood. You could also relax with your partner near the fireplace on those chilly evenings. An outdoor living space tie it all together. Let’s add some extra charm to your home.

Deck and Patio

Extend your home’s living space! A deck or a patio is the perfect choice for expanding your living space. Grab your laptop and work outside while breathing in the fresh air from your beautiful garden. Or spend your summer evenings watching the skies and enjoying a glass of wine. There are endless ways you can enjoy every second spent at home.

Water Features

We keep hearing that we need to eliminate all the stress and toxicity around us. Instead, we’re in a continuous rush and lose the ability to relax naturally. Traveling long distances to spend time in nature is not always an option, so the next option is to create a personal corner of nature at home. one that constantly gives you a source of fresh air and the sound of water flowing. We’re here to help you transform your outdoor space into a beautiful, healing space that makes every day better.


Trees, shrubs and flowers add vibrance and vitality to your land. We’ll prepare your lawn or commercial grounds to sustain a beautiful plant environment. Beautify your residence and enjoy your yard or make your work environment more accommodating with a wide array of plants.

Contact Us Today

We promise to take care of your lawn and landscaping needs from the time we meet to when your project is completed. We start the process by providing a quote and estimate that details your services and estimates a fair and honest price. Give us a call to speak with a landscaping professional today.

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