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Residential & Commercial Ice Management in Edmonton

Wild Bear Snow + Lawn Care is here to prepare and keep your residential and commercial property safer with responsible ice management in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Ice causes hassle, headaches and hazards to the area yearly. Our team is accustomed to winter’s harsh, icy conditions and eliminates ice with seasoned skills and heavy-duty equipment. We service residential and commercial properties, ensuring residences and businesses can function as usual throughout the freezing months. Contact us to receive a free estimate today.

salt truck on the road

Comprehensive Ice Management

Ice is inevitable during the winter, but it’s crucial to eliminate it as soon as possible to stay safe and secure. Snow and ice may be an inconvenience to your daily life, but slippery ice can cause severe hazards and harm property and people. Slipping, falling and car accidents are too familiar during the winter due to icy conditions. Prepare your residential or commercial space for safer conditions and convenient traveling with our ice management services. Our ice removal and management create safer communities and restore your peace of mind. Here’s how we manage your ice and keep your residents and employees secure:

  • We provide complete snow removal for your home or business to reach the ice.
  • Next, our team lays down sand and salt to break up the ice for safer driving and walking.
  • Our team lays preventative ice melt to prepare the streets and walkways for the next freeze.

Who We Service

Our team eliminates snow and ice from the following types of property. We’ll start by removing the show to get to the icy surface, laying down salt and ice melt, so the ice dissolves as quickly as possible.


We remove ice to the complete satisfaction of residents of homes, apartment complexes, condominiums, and neighborhoods.


We eliminate ice from the parking lots and walkways of office buildings, commercial hubs, and shopping centers.

Request a Quote Today

Icy conditions cause enough stress. We make harsh weather easier to handle by providing clients with a quote. We’ll detail your services and costs free of charge, putting you on a path toward the proper ice removal solution for you. Contact us today.

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